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United States
* 1: Full name: Aleese [pfft who needs last names]
     * 2: Zodiac sign: Scorpio
    * 3: Fears: People.... dont ask
    * 4: 3 things I love: Music, my friends, drawing
    * 5: 4 turn ons: i dont know
    * 6: 4 turn offs: i dont kno
    * 7: My best friend(s):  idk how to do this D: erm jchanproductions and pineapplesasha
    * 8: Sexual orientation: Straight.
    * 9: My best first date: never >->
    * 10: How tall am I: 5 feet 9 inches [i think maybe taller]
    * 11: What do I miss: depends?
    * 12: What time was I born at? : Idk.
    * 13: Favorite color:  Blue.
    * 14: Do I have a crush: I learned from the lost time... nope
    * 15: Favorite quote:I hav alot ok
"If anything can go wrong, Fix it! (To hell with Murphy!)
When given a choice -- Take both!
Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.
Start at the top and work your way up.
Do it by the book...but be the author!
When forced to compromise, ask for more.
If you can't beat them, join them, and then beat them.
If it's worth doing, it's got to be done right now.
If you can't win, change the rules.
If you can't change the rules, ignore them.
When faced without a challenge, make one.
"No" simply means begin again at the next highest level.
Don't walk when you can run.
Bureaucracy is a challenge to the be conquered with a righteous attitude, an intolerance for stupidity, and bulldozer when necessary.
When in doubt: THINK!
Patience is a virtue but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.
The squeaky wheel gets replaced.
The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live
    * 16: Favorite place: In bed.
    * 17: Favorite food: Meat >:D
    * 18: Do I use sarcasm:Depends is this really a question?
    * 19: What am I listening to right now: kashiwa daisuke - stella
    * 20: First thing I notice in a new person: There personality and true actions i make better friends like that
    * 21: Shoe size: 8 1/2 . 9 woman.
    * 22: Eye color: Brown.
    * 23: Hair color:  Dark Brown
    * 24: Favorite style of clothing: I dont know o-e"
    * 25: Ever done a prank call?: well that wasnt a special offer last week thats all
    * 26: What color of underwear? : o-e".........
    * 27: Meaning behind my URL: ...ummm...ummm rape!
    * 28: Favorite movie: Prince of Egypt , Sinbad , Treasure Planet *w*
    * 29: Favorite song: Depeneds on my mood for the week or month
    * 31: How I feel right now: .......
    * 32: Someone I love:  what is this love you speak of?
    * 33: My current relationship status:.....
    * 34: My relationship with my parents: .....
    * 35: Favorite holiday: Christmas.
    * 36: Tattoos and piercing I have: ear piercings for ear rings i never use
    * 37: Tattoos and piercing I want: None
    * 38: The reason I joined deviantART: To see my friends work
    * 39: Do I and my last ex hate each other? Never had an ex.
    * 40: Do I ever get "good morning" or "good night " texts?: i used to
    * 41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?: no
    * 42: When did I last hold hands? idk when did u  <-<
    * 43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning? Depends on the time I go to sleep and how much it makes me to sleep
    * 44: Have you shaved your legs in the past three days?: ...derp
    * 45: Where am I right now?: in a bed  atm
    * 46: If I were drunk & can't stand, who's taking care of me?: dont hate me for having no taste for alcohol its horrible burn it with fire :x
    * 47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?: again depends on my mood
    * 48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?: yeah .___.
    * 49: Am I excited for anything?: Im always excited to hear/ see my friends.
    * 50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?: Not at all. I try to avoid people... but it dosent work well
    * 51: How often do I wear a fake smile?: as long as i pretend to be happy.....
    * 52: When was the last time I hugged someone?: i get hugs almost every week T_T
    * 53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me? I would go to jail for murder, but get out cuz they'll be no evidence i did it.
    * 54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?: I don't normally trust people.
    * 55: What is something I disliked about today?: Im not skyping yet cuz of this journal but i...HAVE TO FINISH IT  *w*
    * 56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?: Pineapple and Jchan
    * 57: What do I think about most?:  the world around me and my emotions... if i can show then around people
    * 58: What's my strangest talent?: I...dont....know?
    * 59: Do I have any strange phobias? Somethings always there.....
    * 60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?: Behind.
    * 61: What was the last lie I told?: Idk, idc c:
    * 62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?: Skype  ~(^u^~)
    * 63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?: Yes since for ever
    * 64: Do I believe in magic?: Well i hav researched it since 3rd grade......
    * 65: Do I believe in luck?: Do you believe in fairies?
    * 66: What's the weather like right now?: weathery?
    * 67: What was the last book I've read?:  Blue Moon.
    * 68: Do I like the smell of gasoline?:Do you have a match?
    * 69: Do I have any nicknames?: leese ,neko
    * 70: What was the worst injury I've ever had?: Ive had  many
    * 71: Do I spend money or save it?: Save, lose, save again.
    * 72: Can I touch my nose with my tongue?: No
    * 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?: No.
    * 74: Favorite animal?: All things Dog like
    * 75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?:  Minecraft!!!
    * 76: What do I think is Satan's last name is?:natas?
    * 77: What's a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?: The Happy song
    * 78: How can you win my heart?: not telling
    * 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?:.. I lived
    * 80: What is my favorite word?:  i dont kno
    * 81: My top 5 deviations on deviantART: umm penis family,bird shexxxxx,
    * 82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?: Save this earth u idiots we all live  here
    * 83: Do I have any relatives in jail?: Yes........lots
    * 84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. was it grandmother stuffums food?
    * 85: What would be a question I'd be afraid to tell the truth on?  I dont kno?
    * 86: What is my current desktop picture?:.......twisted disney characters?
    * 87: Had sex?: I'll wait till I'm married
    * 88: Bought condoms?:
    * 89: Gotten pregnant?:
    * 90: Failed a class?: history
    * 91: Kissed a boy?:  No.
    * 92: Kissed a girl?: >-> fuck u im straight
    * 93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?: I haven't kissed anyone
    * 94: Had a job?: Nope.
    * 95: Left the house without my wallet?: I dont have a wallet
    * 96: Bullied someone on the internet?: Im to nice to bully e-e
    * 97: Had sex in public?:o-e" never had sex
    * 98: Played on a sports team?: No.
    * 99: Smoked weed?: Nope.
    * 100: Did drugs?: Only what my doctor prescribed to me when i got out of the hospital
    * 101: Smoked cigarettes?: None.
    * 102: Drank alcohol?: If i said i had no taste for it.....
    * 103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?: Ni
    * 104: Been overweight?: Nope
    * 105: Been underweight?:  Nope
    * 106: Been to a wedding?: 1 time
    * 107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?: Does 18 count?
    * 108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?: tv sucks....
    * 109: Been outside my home country?: From connecticut all the way yo florida
    * 110: Gotten my heart broken?: No. I tend not to give my heart away i need it
    * 111: Been to a professional sports game?: Nope
    * 112: Broken a bone?:  No
    * 113: Cut myself?: I tried once.....never again
    * 114: Been to prom?:Not yet
    * 115: Been in airplane?: I was on my first plane last summer and i got to see the sun set happiest moment of my life
    * 116: Fly by helicopter?: Sadly, no.
    * 117: What concerts have I been to?: None.
    * 118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?: Im straight idiots T_T"
    * 119: Learned another language?: Not really. A little  Japanese  But barely any at all
    * 120: Wore make up?: I'd rather go natural i dont wanna try to not be me
    * 121: Lost my virginity before I was 18?: well your screwed im not 18
    * 122: Had oral sex?: .........
    * 123: Dyed my hair?: Nope.
    * 124: Voted in a presidential election?: Yes, but it didn't count.
    * 125: Rode in an ambulance?: Yes i was straped down to those bed thingy's.
    * 126: Had a surgery?: No.
    * 127: Met someone famous? Nope.
    * 128: Stalked someone on a social network?: Uh, no.
    * 129: Peed outside?: i was little Q~Q
    * 130: Been fishing?: Never
    * 131: Helped with charity?: no ,sadly
    * 132: Been rejected by a crush?: Nope
    * 133: Broken a mirror?: by accident
    * 134: What do I want for my birthday?: Tablet.
    * 136: Was I named after anyone?: I dont know
    * 137: Do I like my handwriting?: It's hideous.
    * 138: What was my favorite toy as a child?: It was a my teddy bears  <3 I named then all :3
    * 139: Favorite TV Show?:  Any thing that was on toonami
    * 140: Where do I want to live when older? Where i am now
    * 141: Play any musical instrument?: Piano, Tumpet, acoustic guitar.  
    * 142: One of my scars, how did I get it?: My right hand...riding a rip-stick down a rocky was fun
    * 143: Favorite pizza topping?: Pepperoni OwO
    * 144: Am I afraid of the dark?: Yep.
    * 145: Am I afraid of heights?: Yeah Kinda
    * 146: Have I ever got caught sneaking out or doing anything bad?: Yes.
    * 147: Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?: Yes.
    * 148: What I'm really bad at: Most social activities.
    * 149: What my greatest achievements are: Making people happy
    * 150: The meanest thing somebody has ever said to me: i..dont..kno..
    * 151: What I'd do if I won in a lottery: I would be happy...
    * 152: What do I like about myself: .......stufff........
    * 153: My closest deviantART friend:  jchanproductions and pineapplesasha
    * 154: Something I fantasize about: My life being better than it actually is.
    * 155: Any question you'd like: ..Hows life? living it
    * 156: TAG FRIENDS:  pineapplesasha   <- Tagged >:3
  • Mood: Lazy

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